Jan 30, 2011

Most Pure Heart of Mary and Assumption Churches
P. O. Box 156, Chamois, MO 65024
Fr. David Means, Canonical Administrator,

www.MostPureHeart.org and www.AssumptionMorrison.org

church (573) 763-5345, cell (573) 301-0350 email: FrDave@MostPureHeart.org
parish email: mphparish@centurytel.net, rectory office email: mphsec@centurytel.net
Lucy Brenner, R.N., Parish Nurse 573-294-6675

SUNDAY EUCHARIST: Sat 6:00 p.m. (St. Mary's) and
Sun 8:00 a.m. (Assumption)

SUNDAY COLLECTIONST. MARY’S: $765.00 candles $5.00
(Jan 23, 2011) Samaritan Center   Good Shepherd $6.00
 ASSUMPTION: $739.00 Hermann Food Ptry $7.00
  candles   Voc/Priest retirement $15.00


COUNTERS AT ASSUMPTION: 1/30-Gary Seifert, 2/6- Joe Budnik, 2/13 - Danny Lamb, 2/20 Larry Kuebler

1st Sun–Wilma Trachsel/Dennis Lamb, 2nd Sun–Jerry/Clarine Means, 3rd Sun–Viv/Larry Boss,
4th Sun–Otto/Joni Boss, 5th - open, volunteers sought

TUESDAY Feb 1 10:00 am WEDNESDAY Feb 2 6:00 pm
Red Augustine Family Rev. Peter Walsh
THURSDAY Feb 3 8:00 am FRIDAY Feb 4 8:00 am
Rev. Leo Thomas Buhman Paul Mehmert
SUNDAY Feb 6 8:00 am Saturday Feb 5 6:00 pm
For the People Chick Keilholz

Text Box:   “Wednesday this week marks the 40th day since Christmas (time sure flies doesn’t it) - the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. It is Mary and Joseph fulfilling the Old Testament law, and dedicating Jesus to God. It is Simeon and Anna recognizing the Light which has come into the world. And it is us, once again, recognizing that same Light of Christ with us today and dedicating ourselves to that light. Has the Light of Christ come into our life? Do we walk always in that light? This day is also called Candlemas. The day we bless candles for our use this year. Candles, of course, represent Christ – the light of the world. You are welcome to also bring candles from home for blessing for your use.
     “The Handbell Choir is in need of at least one more ringer - a strong person to ring some of the larger low note bells. If you would like to give it a try, come to our rehearsal on Tuesday at 7 pm.
     “Next Saturday morning begins another session of That Man is You – our men’s program to help us be better Catholic men. All men are welcome to attend. We provide breakfast and fellowship from 5:45 am to 6:15 am, then our program of video presentation and discussion. This session will include a strong Lenten component - helping us to use the season of Lent to grow as men of faith. What else are you doing on early Saturday mornings? What will you be doing for Lent? What are you doing to grow in your faith and church? Surely you can take a little time, together with other men, to reflect and grow in your faith.
     “God bless.”...Fr. Dave

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition - Sunday, January 30, at 6:00 p.m. in Chamois gym.  For boys and girls ages 10-14.  If questions, call Randy Thoenen 736-5462.

First Friday (this week) Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus consists of attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion on nine consecutive First Fridays.  One of the Twelve Promises made by the Lord to St. Margaret Mary for those devoted to His Sacred Heart is:  The all-powerful love of My Heart will grant to all those who shall receive Communion on the First Friday of nine consecutive months the grace of final repentance; they shall not die under My displeasure, not without receiving their Sacraments; My Heart shall be their assured refuge at that last hour.

Handbell Choir Rehearsal - Tuesday, February 1, at 7:00 p.m.

Financial Stewardship
  St. Mary’s Assumption
Offertory budget 7/1/09-6/30/10 $42,120.00 $34,320.00
Budget goal per month $3,510.00 $2,860.00
Weekly goal $810.00 $660.00
Collection - Jan 2 $726.00 $708.00
Jan 9 $1,128.00 $603.00
Jan 16 $997.00 $400.00
Jan 23 $765.00 $739.00
Jan 30    
To date for January $3,616.00 $2,450.00
Offertory budget goal 7/1/10-1/23/11 $24,300.00 $19,800.00
Sunday collection 7/1/10-1/23/11 $23,539.00 $19,470.00
Difference -$761.00 -$329.00

*includes donation mailed in.

? Of the Week - How do you describe what it means to be “blest” in your own life?

St. Mary’s Hall Cleaners for February - Rick Starke, Kim & Wayne Trachsel, Dave & Judy Maxey.

February Contribution Envelopes & 2010 Contribution Statements are in your envelope packet in back of church.  Thank you for your generous support of our church!

Text Box:  That Man is You! men’s program continues this coming Saturday, Feb. 5.  All men welcome and encouraged to come (even if you did not attend any of the sessions in 2010).  Breakfast served beginning at 5:45 a.m., presentation at 6:15 a.m., finished by 7:25 a.m.

Breakfast at Assumption Church - NEXT Sunday, February 6, from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  Serving pancakes, fresh homemade pork sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee & juice.  Adults/$6.50, children under 8/$3.00, children under 3/free.

“I would like to thank everyone who sent me cards, for phone calls, prayed for me and brought food to my home, visits and any other acts of kindness shown to me since my surgery.  God bless each and everyone of you and I will keep you all in my prayers.  Thanks again.”...Marlo Bockting

Card Party/Dominoes/Bingo - Tuesday, February 8, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at Morrison Community Center.  Since Bingo was canceled in January, it will be held along with the card party/dominoes.  Those attending may play cards, dominoes, or Bingo.  Free.  Refreshments served.  Everyone welcome.  Sponsored by MWA Senior.  For info, call Marlo Bockting 294-6613.

Find Help for Your Troubled Marriage through the next St. Louis Retrouvaille Program that starts Feb. 11-13, 2011, with a weekend (Friday night thru Sunday), and has six follow-up sessions held over three months. For confidential information, call 1-800-470-2230 toll free, or visit  www.retrouvaille.org.


Catholic Stewardship Appeal
GoalReceived% participation
St. Mary's$2,666 $2,330 27%
Assumption$2,963 $2,300 45%

Knights of Columbus Scholarship - Anyone who is the son/daughter of a K of C member and who is going to be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in an accredited university, college, or technical school in 2011-12 may apply. Applications available at www.mokofc.org, click on "online forms", then "Student Scholarships". Applications need to be postmarked by Feb. 15. For officer signature see Randy Thoenen. For info, contact Randy Thoenen 763-5462.

Stewardship Quote - In today's Gospel, Jesus begins his Sermon on the Mount with a series of blessings, the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are a summary of the fundamental attitude of a Christian steward. Make it a point to reflect on this Gospel reading during the week. Identify the blessing with which you most identify. Which one is the most challenging for you?

Pro-Life Rosary - Monday, February 7, at 9:00 a.m. in Most Pure Heart of Mary Church.

Marriage Encounter - February 12 & 13 in Jefferson City. Contact Roger and Brenda Kempker at 573-642-3647 or kempker@jeffcityme.org or visit www.jeffcityme.org for more info/registration form.

Vocation Blurb - Men, check out www.discoverthepriesthood.org.  It may just change your life.

Social Events Elsewhere - 1) Breakfast at St. Anthony parish in Folk, Jan. 30, 7:30 a.m-12:00 noon.  2) K of C Breakfast at Loose Creek school basement Feb. 6, 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  3) Bingo at Sacred Heart School in Rich Fountain February 6, 12:00-4:00 p.m.

February Liturgy Assignments are under “Ministry Assignments” on website.



Calendar of Parish Events - Jan/Feb

Jan      - AS Hermann Food Pantry Coll
- StM Good Shepherd Cntr Coll
Jan 30 - All AS Parishioners Finance Mtg
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Feb      - AS Hermann Food Pantry Coll
- StM Samaritan Cntr Coll
Feb 1  - Handbell Choir Rhrsl
Feb 2  -  AS Prayer Group 10:30 AM
Feb 5  - Men’s Group (TMIY) Mtg
Feb 6  - AS Breakfast
Feb 7   - Pro-Life Rosary StM 9 AM
Feb 8  - Handbell Choir Rhrsl
Feb 12 - Men’s Group (TMIY) Mtg
Feb 15  - Handbell Choir Rhrsl
Feb 19 - Men’s Group (TMIY) Mtg
Feb 22  - Handbell Choir Rhrsl
Feb 23  - Heart of Mary Funfest
Feb 26 - Men’s Group (TMIY) Mtg


Most Pure Heart of Mary Church Interior Renovation Financial Summary
Receipts -
Major Donor & Grants                             $132,000.00
Parish Groups                                        $    1,008.97
Current Parishioners                                $ 12,901.00
Former Parishioners                                                 $ 11,775.00
Total Receipts                                   $157,684.97

Expenses                                                     $154,606.90
Net                                                                                                $ 3,078.07

Tuckpointing/exterior work                         $  8,232.50
Taken from parish savings account              $ -5,154.43              
Net                                                                                               $ 0.00

Any renovation donations that come in will be earmarked to the general fund.  Please consider continuing to donate the amount you gave for renovation by adding it to your regular Sunday donation.  Thank you for your generosity in making our church a beautiful place to worship our Lord.  May God bless you.