April 5 - EASTER Sunday, 2015

Most Pure Heart of Mary and Assumption Churches
P. O. Box 156, Chamois, MO 65024
Fr. David Means, Canonical Administrator,

www.MostPureHeart.org and www.AssumptionMorrison.org

church (573) 763-5345, cell (573) 301-0350 email: FrDave@MostPureHeart.org
parish email: mphparish@centurytel.net, rectory office email: mphsec@centurytel.net
Lucy Brenner, R.N., Parish Nurse 573-294-6675

SUNDAY EUCHARIST: SUN 8:00 a.m. at Assumption - Morrison
(until April 11/12) and
Sat 6:00 p.m. at Most Pure Heart - Chamois

March 29, 2015 infirm Priests $10.00 Food Pantry $15.00
  ASSUMPTION: $687.00 CRS $53.00
      Food Pantry $8.00



4/5 - Larry Kuebler, 4/11 - Gayle Hackmann, 4/18 - Gary Seifert, 4/25 - Joe Budnik


1st Sun–Wilma Trachsel/Dennis Lamb, 2nd Sun–Jerry/Clarine Means, 3rd Sun–Viv/Larry Boss,
4th Sun–open, 5th - Bosses/Means


Tuesday April 7 10:00 am Wednesday April 8 6:00 pm
Dorothy Nolte Verhoff Family
Thursday April 9 10:00 am Friday April 10 8:00 am
Verhoff Family Herb Ohlms
Saturday!! April 11 6:00 pm Sunday !! April 12 8:00 am
Estel Lamb Family For the people

++Weekend Mass Location Change – Effective NEXT weekend (April 11/12), the 6:00 p.m. Saturday Mass will be at Assumption Church, and the 8:00 a.m. Sunday Mass will be at MPH. 

“He is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! This is our Easter cry. We proclaim that He who was crucified, is now alive – risen from the dead. And with His rising, we too rise with him. Let us indeed rejoice and be glad that we have such a God who loves us so much. Let us accept his gift of redemption by living for Him alone. May you receive many blessings from the Risen Lord in his Holy Easter Season.
     “The Diocese is having a pilgrimage next month (Sunday May 3) to the Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Church in Laurie. Pilgrimages are great spiritual renewal experiences, and this one is close. Let’s think about participating in this. If interested in going or driving, please let me know.
     “Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to reschedule the Spring Handbell Concert to Tuesday evening May 12. We are still welcoming others who wish to share their musical talents with us. Please let us know if you are interested in performing.”…Fr. Dave

“A.D.: The Bible Continues” debuts Easter Sunday on NBC at 7:00 p.m.  This 12-episode weekly series chronicles the rise of the Church.

Divine Mercy Sunday (April 12).  The extraordinary grace of this feast is available to those who have received the sacrament of penance during Lent & receive Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Diocesan Pilgrimage – Sunday, May 3, at National Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Church, Laurie, MO.  2:00 p.m. Mass, 3:15 p.m. pilgrimage procession, 4:00 p.m. $5 dinner.  Details in back of church.

Infirm Priest Fund is maintained through an annual assessment to parishes (MPH’s $1,150; Assumption’s $804).  If you forgot your donation, please drop in the collection basket next weekend. 


Financial Stewardship
  St. Mary’s Assumption
Offertory budget 7/1/13-6/30/14 $48,120.00 $35,380.00
Budget goal per month $4,010.00 $2,950.00
Weekly goal $925.00 $680.00
Collection - March 1 $972 $284
March 8 $1,049 $1,201
March 15 $1,685 $530
March 22 $771 $520
March 29 $1075 $687
To date for Mar. $5,552 $3,231
Offertory budget goal 7/1/14-3/29/15 $36,075 $26,520
Sunday collection 7/1/14-3/20/15 $48,548 $29,252
Difference $12,473 $2,732

Question of the Week - In what ways has God called you to die in Christ? How is this expressed in your own life?

Handbells Rehearsal – Tues., April 7, 7:00 p.m.

Pro-Life Rosary – Tuesday, April 7, at 9:00 a.m. in MPH church (note date change!).

Rummage Sale/Bake Sale – The rummage sale brought in $607; the bake sale $196.75.

Seeking Christ for Our Nation Mass – Tues., April 7 at 6:30 p.m. at St. George in Linn.

Mass at Starkenburg Shrine – Tues., April 14.

Rice Bowls Reminder - Put Rice Bowls (with checks or change enclosed) in back of church.

Vegas Night with Dinner & 50/50 Drawings – Saturday, April 11, at Pershing Community Building.  Dinner 5:00-8:00 p.m., gambling 7:00-10:00 p.m.  $30/2 for dinner, $30/blackjack/poker/no dinner, $50/blackjack/poker/dinner – for 2. Meal:  pulled pork, ham, etc.  $500 grand prize winner!  Proceeds donated to Pershing Community Building Fund.  Matching Fund Project sponsored by MWA Senior Summit Chapter.  If questions, call Marlo Bockting 294-6613.




Calendar of Parish Events – April
April 7  - Pro-Life Rosary MPH 9 AM
               (note date change)
            - Handbells Rehearsal
April 8 – PSR Classes
April 11 – 6 PM Saturday Mass begins AS
April 12 – 8 AM Sunday Mass begins MPH
April 14 – Handbells Rehearsal
April 15 – PSR Classes
April 19 – First Holy Communion
April 21 – Handbells Rehearsal
April 22 – PSR Closing Mass
April 25/26 – Catholic Home Msns Coll April 29 – PSR End of Year Party

MPH Hall Cleaners for April – Roger & Linda Wuelling, Kurt & Roxy Wuelling.  (Please remember to fill out Group Volunteer Timesheet located in kitchen.)

Pulled Pork Dinner – Saturday, April 25, from 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at Osage R-1 School cafeteria.  Proceeds benefit Chamois Archery Team.  Raffle & gun raffle also (tickets for gun raffle available at Heritage Community Bank).  Adults/$8, ages 5-12/$5, under 5/$3.

Events Elsewhere – 1) Spring Festival at St. George in Linn April 11.  2) Chicken Dinner at Bonnots Mill April 12, 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.    3) Chicken Dinner at Holy Guardian Angels parish in Brinktown April 12, 11:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.




Bishop’s Easter Pastoral Letter
My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
As nature reawakens with the beauty of flowers and trees, lifting up our spirits, so too our hearts are filled with great joy as we once again celebrate the Risen Lord’s triumph over death.  His glorious victory is victory for us who are members of his Body through the sacrament of Baptism.  The final verses of the Easter sequence summarize our faith well:
Christ indeed from death is risen, our new life obtaining.
Have mercy, victor King, ever reigning!
Amen! Alleluia!
Let us also remember that we are in the midst of the Year of Consecrated Life, and continue to give thanks to God for the witness these women and men provide in our world.  May the Resurrection always be a source of hope and inspiration for them, just as it was for the disciples who experienced newness of life in seeing their Risen Lord.
I hope you have had the opportunity to read about the recently announced Holy Year of Mercy in The Catholic Missourian.  The official and solemn proclamation of this Jubilee will take place on the Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.  We are truly blessed to have this special opportunity to be touched by God’s grace, as we journey together toward eternal life with Christ.
Finally, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who joined the Church at the Easter Vigil.  Please know of my prayers for you, that your relationship with Christ may grow ever deeper throughout this joyous season.
Wishing a blessed Easter to you all, I am


Sincerely yours in Christ…

Most Reverend John R. Gaydos,

Bishop of Jefferson City