July 29, 2012

Most Pure Heart of Mary and Assumption Churches
P. O. Box 156, Chamois, MO 65024
Fr. David Means, Canonical Administrator,

www.MostPureHeart.org and www.AssumptionMorrison.org

church (573) 763-5345, cell (573) 301-0350 email: FrDave@MostPureHeart.org
parish email: mphparish@centurytel.net, rectory office email: mphsec@centurytel.net
Lucy Brenner, R.N., Parish Nurse 573-294-6675

SUNDAY EUCHARIST: Sat 6:00 p.m. at Assumption - Morrison (til October) and
Sun 8:00 a.m. at Most Pure Heart - Chamois (til October)

SUNDAY COLLECTION MOST PURE HEART: $443.00 Peru Missions $160.00
(July 22, 2012)        
 ASSUMPTION: $307.00 Peru Missions $135.00
  Herman Food $2.00 special $195.00


COUNTERS AT ASSUMPTION: 7/29 - Larry Kuebler, 8/4 - Gayle Hackmann, 8/11 - Gary Seifert, 8/18 - Joe Budnik

1st Sun–Wilma Trachsel/Dennis Lamb, 2nd Sun–Jerry/Clarine Means, 3rd Sun–Viv/Larry Boss,
4th Sun–Otto/Joni Boss, 5th - Bosses/Means

TUESDAY July 31 10:00 am WEDNESDAY Aug. 1 6:00 pm
Joseph (Joe) Brunnert Irene Ranabarger
THURSDAY Aug. 2 8:00 am FRIDAY Aug. 3 8:00 am
Alice Hustedde Agnes Koechner
SATURDAY Aug. 4 6:00 pm SUNDAY Aug. 5 8:00 am
David Seifert For the People

Text Box:  “The education of children has always been seen as primarily the parents’ responsibility. So also it is with their religious education. Parents fulfill that responsibility by seeing that they are baptized and receive the other sacraments, bringing their children to church, having a religious home life with daily prayer, having Catholic materials available, talking to them and answering questions about the faith, witnessing to them, and finally seeing that they have a Catholic education. Of course in this last area, the Church has always recognized a joint responsibility and thus schools and classes (PSR) are offered to assist the parents in this. This is why so many wonderful and giving volunteers have over the years served as PSR teachers, even when they didn’t have any children of their own in class. So once again we are seeking PSR teachers for our children. It is at a point where we really don’t know what we will do. We have fewer and fewer young families, and indeed fewer children. We have no one to teach 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades!!! Of course there is only one child in 2nd, two in the 6th and 7th grade class, two in the 9th & 10th grade and possibly 5 in the high school confirmation program. Please prayerfully consider sharing your faith with our children as a PSR teacher. God Bless.”...Fr. Dave

First Friday (this week) Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus consists of attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion on nine consecutive First Fridays. 

Missouri Prayer Amendment (Amendment 2) - The Missouri bishops endorse and ask for your support on August 7, 2012 for Amendment 2, the Missouri Prayer Amendment. This amendment will ensure that Missouri citizens and students have the right to pray in public and private settings while also ensuring that the state will not establish any official religion. For more information, please contact the Missouri Catholic Conference at 573-635-7239, or go to www.MOcatholic.org.

Financial Stewardship
  St. Mary’s Assumption
Offertory budget 7/1/11-6/30/12 $43,160.00 $30,524.00
Budget goal per month $3,597.00 $2,544.00
Weekly goal $830.00 $587.00
Collection - July 1 $1,074 $1,007
July 8 $1,109 $651
July 15 $874 $360
July 22 $443 $307
July 29    
To date for July $3,500 $2,325
Offertory budget goal 7/1/11-7/22/12 $3,488.00 $2,348.00
Sunday collection 7/1/11-7/22/12 $3,500.00 $2,325.00
Difference $12.00 -$23.00

? Of the Week - In what ways do you generously provide for the needs of others who have little or nothing?

MPH Hall Cleaners for August - Carmen Mitchem & Kurt & Roxie Wuelling.

Pro-Life Rosary - Monday, August 6, at 9:00 a.m. in MPH church.

August Contribution Envelopes are available in the back of church.


Protect Your Religious Liberties. Help Make SB 749 State Law - On Sept. 12 state lawmakers will consider whether to override Gov. Nixon's veto of SB 749 - the religious liberty bill. This legislation ensures that no one is forced to pay for abortions, contraceptives or sterilizations in their health plans when this violates their religious or moral beliefs. You can send a pre-composed message to your legislators by visiting the MO Catholic Conference website at www.MoCatholic.org. Using this approach, you do not need to know your legislators' names or contact information. This is all provided through the pre-composed process. It takes less than 2 minutes.  If you prefer to compose and send your own message, the contact info is listed below.  If you need assistance, contact the Missouri Catholic Conference (800) 456-1679. 
Rep. Tom Loehner                             Sen. Dan Brown
Capitol phone: (573) 751-1344                                                        Capitol phone: (573) 751-5713
Capitol email: tom.loehner@house.mo.gov                                  Capitol email: Dan.Brown@senate.mo.gov
Capitol address:                                                                                  Capitol address:
201 W Capitol Ave, Room 311                                                         201 W Capitol Ave, Room 434
Jefferson City, MO 65101                                                                  Jefferson City, MO 65101
Home phone: (573) 744-5516                                                          Home phone: (573) 308-9838
Other phone: (573) 680-2456                                                           Other phone: (573) 475-0416
Other email: tbloehner@gmail.com                          Other email: drdanbrownforsenate16@gmail.com 

Mass Schedule for Holy Day - August 15 is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is a holy day of obligation.  The Mass schedule for this holy day is:
Tuesday, August 14, at 6:30 p.m. at Most Pure Heart of Mary Church
Wednesday, August 15, at 5:30 p.m. at Assumption Church

Potluck Meal at Assumption Church - Everyone is invited to a potluck parish meal at Assumption Church following the 5:30 p.m. Mass on Wednesday, August 15.

MWA Events - 1) Dinner at Montague’s BBQ (Hermann) Wed., Aug. 1, at 6:00 p.m.  MWA pays $3/person’s meal.  Sponsored by MWA.  For info, call Lorna Rost 294-7276.  3) “Meramec Music Theater” at Steelville, MO, on Sat., Aug. 11, 2:00 p.m. show (“Golden Oldies Show”).  Leave 10:00 a.m. & go to Hick’s BBQ in Cuba, MO, for lunch. Tickets are $14.00/person. Will have to pay driver $15.00.  Sponsored by MWA Senior Summit Chapter. If interested in going, make your reservation with Marlo Bockting (294-6613).

Candidate Survey - The results of the MO Catholic Conference’s survey of candidates running for state and federal public offices in 2012 are now available on the MCC’s website, www.MOCatholic.org.

Social Events Elsewhere - 1) Fish & Chicken Fry at St. George in Hermann August 3.  2) St. George School in Hermann dinner & auction August 4.  3) Hard Luck Café (a diner & entertainment menu) 4:30-7:30 p.m. Aug. 4 at St. John’s UCC in Chamois (details on poster in back of church).  4) Picnic at Westphalia Aug. 5.  5) K of C tractor pull at Westphalia Aug. 11.

Calendar of Parish Events - Aug

Aug     - AS Hermann Food Pantry Coll
- MPH Samaritan Cntr Coll
Aug 1  - AS Prayer Group 10:30 AM
Aug 6  - Pro-Life Rosary MPH 9 AM
Aug 8  - PSR Planning Team Mtg
Aug 14 - 6:30 PM Mass at MPH for Holyday
Aug 15 - 5:30 PM Mass at AS followed by
potluck parish meal
Aug 18/19- Ret Fund for Rel Coll


August Liturgy Assignments are in “Ministry Assignments” section of parish website.

Camp Hope SonRise National Park included the following daily promises and stories:

Monday was True Peace and Jesus Calmed the Stormy Sea;  Tuesday was True Riches and Jesus fed 5,000 hungry people; Wednesday was True Power and Jesus was tempted by Satan; Thursday was True Love and Jesus is the Good Shepherd; Friday was True Hope and Jesus helped his friends Paul & Silas.

We would like to thank God for the HOT weather (our theme song was Cool, Cool Summer) His inspiration, guidance and protection during the week of Camp Hope and His continued blessings.

We would like to thank all of the children for coming and for their attention, faith, participation, cooperation and prayers all week.

We would like to thank all the parents & grandparents for bringing their children/grandchildren, for transportation, prayers, providing snacks, bingo prizes, food, cleaning up and for all their help and support of Camp Hope.

We would like to thank Fr. Dave for being with us, praying for us and for celebrating the closing Mass for Camp Hope.

We would like to thank the following people who helped make the 35th Camp Hope possible:

Teachers:  Jamie Koenigsfeld, Christine Koenigsfeld & Doris Rost

Doves: Jacob Trachsel, Brent Dudenhoeffer, Alison Mehmert, Taylor Wolfe, Heidi Ames & Katie Mehmert

Cooks:  Main - Mary Jane Starke, assistants - Josie Lamb, Carmen Mitchem, Clarine Means & Evie Dudenhoeffer

Drivers:  Jamie Koenigsfeld, Joyce Wright, Tammy Stone, Kim Ames, Jessie Hackmann, Kurt & Roxie Wuelling   & Lorna Rost

Special thanks to the following:
Knights of Columbus Auxiliary - donation of money for swimming & religious activity guides
Donations of money - Alice Rost, Art & Shirley Riegel, Jim Struttmann - gift certificate
Assumption & Most Pure Heart of Mary Churches - Support of Camp Hope          
Lorna Rost - Modern Woodmen bags, water bottles & various items for backpack kits
Mark Haviland - Osage County Conservation Agent - animal hides & tracks display, information on bears, snakes, & night sounds
Joe Rost - wildlife display items - black bear rug, baby bobcat, turkey & deer horns
Sean Hackmann - adult bobcat                   Nancy Johnston at Good Buys - printing t-shirts

Thanks to everyone for their donations for the mission collection.

For anyone we inadvertently missed:  THANK YOU!!  God loves you & blesses you!!

                                                                 Camp Hope Rangers - Fr. Dave Means & Doris Rost