Aug 29, 2010

Most Pure Heart of Mary and Assumption Churches
P. O. Box 156, Chamois, MO 65024
Fr. David Means, Canonical Administrator, and

church (573) 763-5345, cell (573) 301-0350 email:
parish email:, rectory office email:
Lucy Brenner, R.N., Parish Nurse 573-294-6675

SUNDAY EUCHARIST: Sat 6:00 p.m. (Assumption) and
Sun 8:00 a.m. (St. Mary’s)

SUNDAY COLLECTIONST. MARY’S: $454.00 Ret fund for Rel $50.00
(Aug 22, 2010) Church Int. Ren. $155.00    
 ASSUMPTION: $272.00 Ret fund for rel $110.00
  Candles $5.00    


COUNTERS AT ASSUMPTION: 8/28 Larry Kuebler, 9/4 Gayle Hackmann, 9/11 Gary Seifert, 9/18 Joe Budnik

1st Sun–Wilma Trachsel/Dennis Lamb, 2nd Sun–Jerry/Clarine Means, 3rd Sun–Viv/Larry Boss,
4th Sun–Otto/Joni Boss, 5th - open volunteers sought

TUESDAY Aug 31 10:00 WEDNESDAY Sept. 1 6:30 pm
Frances Falter Chick Keilholz
THURSDAY Sept. 2 8:00 FRIDAY Sept. 3 8:00 am
Father Mueller Paul Mehmert
SATURDAY Sept. 4 6:00 p.m. SUNDAY Sept. 5 8:00 am
For the People Pam Keilholz


Text Box:  “Well, now with the public schools back in session, I hope our Catholic parents are thinking about the religious education of their children. You, as parents, have that primary responsibility. We, the Church, are here to help you. So it is again the time to think about and organize our PSR program. As I readily admitted last year, I have no particular skills or training in this area, and so I need your help. Some of the catechists, who devoted many years of their lives in sharing the faith with our children, no longer want or are able to give of themselves as catechists again this year, and so we are in need of PSR catechists. That responsibility, of course, falls first to the parents of those children. So if you are able to help me organize and run our PSR program or serve as catechist, please let me know as soon as possible.
     “We are moving along with our new program for men: That Man is You! We are inviting men to gather together for breakfast and a study on Saturday mornings. We have more information available. Please take a brochure after Mass, or pick one up in back of church or ask myself, Mark or Mike Mehmert, or Rob Schollmeyer about it. I encourage all our men to think seriously about joining us on Saturday mornings and even bringing a friend along.
     “Also please let me know if you can help us get the Handbell Choir going, by purchasing a handbell memorial in memory of your loved one. To have donations for the last few bells would be a great help to us. Bells are to be shipped in September. Anyone interested in ringing, please let me know so we can start organizing rehearsal times.
     “God bless you. ”...Fr. Dave

Assumption Fall Dinner Raffle Prizes - If anyone wants to donate a raffle prize for Assumption Fall Dinner on Oct. 3, please call Karen Kuschel at 294-7317 by August. 31. Thank you.

First Friday (this week) Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus consists of attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion on nine consecutive First Fridays.  Some of the Twelve Promises made by the Lord to St. Margaret Mary for those devoted to His Sacred Heart are:  tepid souls shall become fervent, fervent souls shall speedily rise to great perfection.

Reminder - September Contribution Envelopes are available in the back of church.

$$$ Coming soon! - Reports on Parish Finances and Budget - A report on Assumption’s finances and budget will be given after Mass on Saturday, Sept. 11.  A report on St. Mary’s finances and budget will be given after Mass on Sunday, Sept. 12.  This is your opportunity to hear a breakdown of the financial costs and the proposed budget for each parish.  All parishioners are invited to stay after Mass on these days for this presentation.

Salem Presbyterian Church Anniversary - The Salem Presbyterian Church invites all Assumption and St. Mary’s parishioners to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their church on Sunday, Sept. 5; services will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Attn. Chamois Ladies - The Chamois Day Committee asked if our ladies would again have a pie and coffee booth on Chamois Day (Sept. 18).  Our profits will be for our missions.  If you are able to bring a pie, please call Viv Boss 763-5928 or Ev Dude 763-5421 or sign up on the sheet in back of St. Mary’s Church.  Thank you.

“Your Light Must Shine Before Others” - Attend the MO Catholic Conference Annual Assembly and become an informed voter and an active citizen. Learn how your Catholic faith applies to current issues, such as abortion, healthcare reform, triple X porn stores, capital punishment, criminal justice, immigration, education, the Tea Party movement, and much more.  The assembly is Saturday, Oct. 2, at the State Capitol in Jeff.  Some of the workshops at the MCC Annual Assembly are: “Suffering and Human Dignity,” “Don’t Forget! Exercising and Enhancing Your Memory,” and “Taxing as if People Mattered.”  Activities for youth, child care available for ages 5-12.  9:30 a.m. registration-3:15 p.m. closing Mass.  Everything is free, even lunch.  For detailed info/to register, pick up a brochure from the back of church, call 1-800-456-1679, or visit 

Financial Stewardship
  St. Mary’s Assumption
Offertory budget 7/1/09-6/30/10 $42,120.00 $34,320.00
Budget goal per month $3,510.00 $2,860.00
Weekly goal $810.00 $660.00
Collection - Aug 1 $1,016.00 $515.00
Aug 8 $757.00 $644.00
Aug 15 $478.00 $318.00
Aug 22 $454.00 $272.00
Aug 29    
To date for July $2,705.00 $1,749.00
Offertory budget goal 7/1/10-8/22/10 $6,480.00 $5,280.00
Sunday collection 7/1/10-8/22/10 $5,516.00 $4,026.00
Difference -$964.00 -$1,254.00


*Offertory budget goals have been changed to reflect amounts set for new fiscal year.

? Of the Week - Who are the people living near you that you would find it most difficult to invite to a meal in your home?

St. Mary’s Hall Cleaners for September - Marvin & Marie Lieneke, Carmen Mitchem, Kurt & Roxie Wuelling.

Called to Greatness: Experiencing Healing in Our Sexuality - Saturday, September 11, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon at Chancery in Jeff.  Because of the culture in which we have been raised, we are in need of healing  from the distorted images and attitudes conveyed through a pornified environment.  The good news is that Christ entered this world to restore creation to the purity of its origins.   Bill Donaghy, from the Theology of the Body Institute, will explore the integration of body and soul as the path to authentic sexual healing.  Registration: $15.00 (includes seminar workbook and morning refreshments).  For info/to register, email, or call 573-635-9127. 

Natural Family Planning (NFP) - Good news for modern families.   Modern NFP has no side effects; it strengthens marriages; and unlike the rhythm method of 50 years ago, it is 99% effective. The Couple to Couple League will host a series of classes beginning Sunday, September 12, in Columbia. The course incorporates recent research and John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Call 573-449-8342 or email for more information.

Stewardship Quote - "Invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, the unwanted; blessed will you be because of their inability to repay you." (Luke 14:1, 7-14)  A parishioner noted to his pastor that Jesus dined with the rich and famous of his day. He asked, "Do you think Jesus would belong to an exclusive country club if he were here today?" The pastor answered, "I suspect he might, if he could afford it. But his guests would include people who could not afford it, people who need a bath and a new set of clothes, people who have not recently had a decent meal, people who are lame, who limp, or feel their way with a white cane." The pastor then said to his parishioner, "You belong to a very exclusive country club. Have you ever brought such guest to your club?" The man said nothing. He had many possessions. The pastor added, "When we leave Mass and go into God's world we are supposed to be Jesus present in that world. So, when you are at your exclusive country club Jesus is a member. You might want to start reviewing your guest list."

Pro-Life Rosary - Monday, Sept. 13 (date change because of holiday) at 9:00 a.m. in St. Mary’s Church.

Social Events Elsewhere - 1) Picnic at Zion-St. Peter UCC in Pershing Sept. 4, serving begins at 3:00 p.m.  2) Picnic at Our Lady of the Snows parish in Mary’s Home Sept. 5, 11:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m.   3) Picnic at Holy Family parish in Freeburg Sept. 5, 11:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.  4) Fall Festival at St. Anthony parish in Folk Sept. 12, 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Climbing a mountain requires skill and determination. Let us help you reach the summit. Go to


 Calendar of Parish Events - Aug/Sept

Aug      - AS Hermann Food Pantry Coll
- StM Sam Cntr Coll
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sept 1   - AS Prayer Group 10:30 AM
Sept 11 - All AS Parishioners Finance Mtg
Sept 12 - All StM Parishioners Finance Mtg
Sept 13 - Pro-Life Rosary StM 9 AM
(Note date change!)
Sept 18 - Men’s Group (TMIY) Mtg
Sept 19 - Catechetical Sunday
Sept 22 - PSR begins
Sept 25 - Men’s Group (TMIY) Mtg
Sept 25/26 - MCC In-Pew Regis. Drive
Sept 29 - Heart of Mary Funfest
Sept      - AS Hermann Food Pantry Coll
  - StM Good Shep Cntr Coll




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