Blessing of New Renovations

May 2, 2010

Celebration of those Married at Most Pure Heart

and parishioners celebrating 50+ years!

Rex & Dora White68 years
Kathleen (& Harry) Suess63 years
Rosemary (& Omer) Rost63 years
Dorothy (& Medard) Rost63 years
Hazel (& Fred) Boss60 years
Gerald & Clarine Means*60 years
Evelyn (& Elmer) Haslag59 years
Alban (Hank) & Amelda Rost59 years
Henry & Shirley Nolte58 years
Edna (& Arthur) Helle58 years
Norma Lee (& Louis) Mehmert57 years
Elmer & Jane Keilholz56 years
Paul & Pat Mehmert56 years
Mary (& Elmer) Boss56 years
Otto & Joni Boss51 years
Larry & Vivian Boss50 years
Dennis & Lucille Lamb*50 years
Clarence & Shirley Keilholz49 years
Keith & Connie Dial45 years
Ed & Carmen Mitchem43 years
Vernon (& Alice) White42 years
Dale & Lana Hackmann42 years
Roger & Linda Wuelling40 years
Wayne & Paula Helle32 years
David & Sanda Keilholz32 years
Ken & Sue Wolz32 years
Mike & Kathy Mehmert31 years
Tom & Sherry Starke31 years
Doug & Cindy Sieg30 years
Wayne & Kim Trachsel26 years
Rob & Kathy Schollmeyer24 years

* parishioners but not married at Most Pure Heart


We are thankful for all who donated and made these renovations possible.