We are in the process of forming a Handbell Choir, and would like your support in purchasing a set of Handbells.


Practice with bells- Tuesday evenings, 7pm in St. Mary's Hall.

For all and anyone interested in being part of a newly forming Handbell Choir. We will be needing:

Possibilities for bells:

We have the interest, and we have enough sponsors to go forward. Please send your checks to St. Mary's (or Assumption) and mark them for handbells.

Bells still available, reserve yours now! DISCOUNTED MEMORIALS AVAILABLE!!

Donate a Handbell in memory of a loved one.
Bell Price Donated by In Memory of
G4 $300.00 Shirley Keilholz Chick Keilholz
G#4 $295.00 John Gerritsen Gladys Gerritsen
A4 $285.00 Marie Hackmann Alfred Hackmann
A#4 $280.00 Jerry & Clarine Means Dennis Means
B4 $275.00 Ken & Sue Knittel Doris Knittel
C5 $270.00 Doug & Alen Lloyd Vern Lloyd
C#5 $265.00 Pauline & Allen Pearson Brian Pearson
D5 $225.00    
D#5 $225.00    
E5 $210.00    
F5 $210.00    
F#5 $225.00 Bernard Means Ben & Anna Means
G5 $220.00

Betty Kirchner & family
Carol Dye & family

Clarence & Frances Schneider
G#5 $200.00    
A5 $200.00    
A#5 $205.00 Mary Boss Elmer Boss & Joyce Schowengerdt
B5 $200.00 Jewel Brandt/Kimberley Brandt Sprenger Living and Deceased Members of the Brandt and Staley Families
C6 $200.00 Wilma Trachsel Edwin (Ets) Trachsel
C#6 $200.00 LeRoy Witthaus Gertrude Witthaus
D6 $200.00 Henry & Shirley Nolte Micah Starke
D#6 $200.00 Jim & Darcy Keilholz Our Soldiers
E6 $195.00 Diane Dickson Alice DeMello
F6 $190.00 Sharon & Carl Steiner
Jeanie & Bradley Birk
Marvin (Horsey) Nolte
F#6 $190.00 Fred Boss family Fred (Peck) Boss
G6 $185.00 Vernon White Alice White